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Free on-site consultation.

Logos Unlimited - TickAll garment customisation complete in house.

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Perfect for large companies with more than 100 employees!

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Bespoke lookbook visuals to give concepts on branded garments.


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If you have a large requirement for printed or embroidered workwear or would like to discuss an on-going supply requirement, then we are more than happy for one of our Area Sales Managers to visit you for on-site consultation.  This is ideal for companies with over 100 employees who are looking to order printed or embroidered workwear or staff uniform on a regular and continual basis. 

Here at Logos Unlimited we take the time to understand what is unique about your business, your people and your uniform. Our aim is to advise you and help you make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

With regards to clothing and sizing for the corporate environment, getting it right all the time matters a lot as it helps the workforce appear smarter and ready for the job. Wearing the perfect workwear size simply makes life simpler and better for you and the worker. With this in mind, you should look for the right spot to shop for the perfect sizes that will be comfortable and yet very affordable. 

To arrange a consultation meeting please contact us
by calling 0191 488 4300 or by emailing Contact us


Bespoke Lookbooks

Here at Logos Unlimited we understand the importance of corporate identity and our experienced designers can help you visualise your branded garments with Lookbooks.

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Every day Logos Unlimited supplies businesses large and small with top quality personalised clothing,
so why not join us today for the best service and prices !


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